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Globalization and Changing Pattern of the Santal Community of Mayurbhanj District, Odisha            

Manisha Pattnayak and Sipra Sagarika


The Santal is the largest Dravidian indigenous community, found in the states of West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha, and Assam. They speak the Austro-Asiatic language known as ‘Ol Chiki’ script and speak Santali as their mother tongue, and share a way of life that implies values different from Hindu. The Santal community mostly depends on Subsistence farming, they live a very simple life, have a distinctive culture, superstition, and backwardness, and are marginalized from the mainstream population. The paper focuses on the influences of globalization on sociocultural aspects of the Santal society because they migrated to urban space and they get changed in modern values. It also points out how agricultural technology has been utilized after returning to the place of origin and how it promotes modern values in their daily life. Globalization helps the Santal community to modify their conservative feelings and improve their lifestyle. There have been a lot of changes observed in their thinking social economic, political, cultural, and linguistic. As a result, the Santals have overcome their inertia and announced themselves as an important part of this beautiful world.
Keywords: Santal, Globalization, Lifestyle changes, Modern values

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